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Mickey Desai - The Founder of The Blackbuck Lodge

During his jaunts to various parts of Africa, Mickey Desai drew inspiration from the luxurious wildlife lodges there. He consequently zeroed in on the vast expanse of Velavadar grasslands, which resembles the African Savannah in many respects. Mr Desai says, "Having travelled extensively across the African continent and visiting various jungle lodges during my travels, now especially in Gujarat, very few places offer bespoke wildlife."

Being a very keen conservationist, he ensured that the lodge's layout, construction and working would never violate the conservation principles of nature's flora and fauna. As a result, the surrounding atmosphere at The Blackbuck Lodge is such that it amalgamates with the environment and the serene atmosphere of the grassland. Correspondingly, the lighting in the pathways and cottages has been muted so our guests can experience this Indian savannah.

The Blackbuck Lodge - a picture showing the reception of our lodge with two shelves full of books

Environment disturbing factors such as Loud music, honking and the entry of plastic are also prohibited in the lodge premises. To create an uplifting social impact while recruiting staff, the lodge management has ascertained that the local population from surrounding villages are provided employment based on their skills. The lodge's ultra-luxe cottages, the peaceful surroundings, the natural beauty of the golden grasslands and Velavadar National Park being home to the largest population of blackbucks in India with its vast numbers of wolves, jackals, blue bulls and hyenas and a wide array of endangered species and migratory birds, make the Blackbuck Lodge a delightful destination for a tranquil and serene holiday.

The Blackbuck Lodge Velavadar - exterior view of luxurious rooms facinng a lake2

About The Blackbuck Lodge

Is waking up to the sweet chirps and hustle of leaves your idea of an optimal vacation? Fret not and book a stay with us at one of the most luxurious lodges in the wilderness.

Our splendid lodge in Velavadar placidly boasts 4 categories of rooms divided into 14 villas. These palatial villas feature modern amenities with an en-suite bathroom, a patio and outdoor seating area overlooking the beautiful forest. Our grand villas are designed with stone-carved walls and enticing wooden furniture with a fascinating rustic ambience. During the day, embark on a guided safari through grasslands where the endangered blackbuck and blue bull meander are. Once the sun sets, dig into Kathiawadi cuisine by the bonfire under a star-lit sky while you listen to the distant howl of a wolf or the chuckle of a hyena.

Are you visiting Velavadar with your partner for a romantic getaway? Keep the backbreaking hassle of digging up for the right place to stay and book a room with us. The Blackbuck Lodge Velavadar offers an amatory and romantic culinary experience called the Bush Dinner. Experience all this and more at The Blackbuck Lodge. Secluded along the majestic tapestry of the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park near the Gulf of Cambay, this 70 acre, all-cottage wildlife lodge makes for a perfect escape from our city lives.